Colour K.Moods - The Colour of My Dreams

A bit about blue - it's the colour of my dreams, according to Joan Miro and his 1920s collection of radical paintings. It's origins are found in nature, ultramarine from the stone lapis lazuli and indigo from fermented plant leaves, and creating the colour blue naturally becomes hard work. Blues are now traditionally known as hues of royalty, nobility, and the armed forces, but in actual fact in the western world, tonal blues have been one of the lesser used colourways (at least in the old olden days, even before the olden days). Now, blue is seen is one of the most popular colours in modern times, with one in 4 claiming it as a favourite. - and it's certainly one of mine!
Creating a Colour K.Moods using the blue colour palette of our Reversible Polka Beanies meant lifting the light turquoise and finding tones that sit perfectly alongside it. It was surprisingly difficult to pinpoint hues that would match the happy blue that is used for K.Moods hats but this was a fun project to work on, and the end result featured bits and pieces that point towards my home country and my adopted home country.
Using blue as a starting point, I'm able to choose fun, exciting colours as accents for the hats, snoods, and accessories. The most consistently used colour combination at K.Moods is blue and orange - a colour pairing which is complimentary. I also pair the blue as an accent for other ranges; with red, and a bright yellow, which are also versions of complimentary colour combinations. You'll get a bright and happy knit with these pieces as the turquoise that is used throughout all K.Moods pieces is reminiscent of seaside holidays and bright blue skies, and who doesn't love that?!
Disclaimer - Here at K.Moods I truly believe you can mix and match and wear WHATEVER YOU WANT. So, while these colour combinations are complimentary, and I think they look FANTASTIC, throw caution to the wind and wear these accessories with your whole wardrobe.


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