How to Order Custom Cushions

How to Order Custom Cushions

Finally I've put together a handy little post to help you when ordering the Custom K.Moods Cushions! This will show how to choose colours that suit, along with the contrasting cotton backing options too. If you're buying for yourself then there's plenty of time to decide, and if you're buying for a friend, you can email to receive a voucher to send on to them!

The first step, is to have a look at the colour options available - and there are plenty! You can find them here and I've also put a smaller version below. When choosing colours for your space, have a think about where the cushion will be going. Will it be a feature on your sofa? Something to brighten up your home office? If you already have a colour palette then we can work together to find a combination that compliments it, or you can go wild and put together something fun and crazy.

Yarn Choices for K.Moods Custom Cushions

I recommend choosing colours you feel will be comfortable and suit your environment - although there's always wiggle room when it comes to this. For example, if you have a lot of blues in the room, then why not choose a contrasting colour as your main, and then a blue as the pattern? This will bring extra pizazz to the room, while still keeping along the vibe you've chosen for your space.

Once you've chosen colours, the next step is the pattern! There are two to choose from: Ziggy, or Polka. Both of these are fun, happy patterns! I have found that the Polka Pattern tends to show off more of the contrasting colour, while the Ziggy Pattern will add a more subtle pop (depending on how contrasting your colours are). Don't forget, if you're purchasing a set, then you can choose to have different patterns, or the same!

Now, we've got the colours, and the patterns, in the bag. We need to choose a backing colour - but here is where I highly recommend not overthinking anything too much. This colour can be strong and bold to add to the excitement of the cushions, or you can choose to go with a natural, more soft and subtle backing, which will really make the knit pattern stand out. Remember, this is supposed to be the back of your cushion, which will most likely be hidden and rarely seen.

So, we've chosen all the colours and patterns! You can either let me know when you order your cushions (in the comments box), or if you're still unsure then I'm right at the end of the emails to help you out with choices and recommendations. This is an exciting purchase, so don't forget to have fun with it! The cushions come in two sizes: small, which is 12x12 inches, and large which is 19x19 inches. They come with a super soft hypo-allergenic hollow fibre insert (made here in the UK), and a contrasting zip closure for easy care. 

If you're ready to take the leap into a new set of comfy cushions, then click here or feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions.

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