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Zig Reversible Hats

Zig Reversible Hats

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Bright, colourful, comfortable - go ahead and make a statement in this reversible beanie from K.Moods. The Zig Reversible Hat will keep the warmth in, with two layers of comfortable knit, and a contrast zig pattern. The reversible hat allows you to choose which colour suits your style and gives you the chance to change your mind throughout the day. 

So hey, what's better than one beanie? Two (in one)!

The Zig Reversible Hats come in a range of colours and accents: deep blue, mango, lilac, piccalilli yellow, and berry pink.

100% Wool.
Made in Edinburgh.
Statement K.Moods Zig Pattern, a knitted fabric with a thick zig-zag pattern across the bottom of the hat.
Hand wash only, or for extra longevity, spot clean.

The Zig Reversible Hats come in one size, suitable for ages 10 and up.

Zig Reversible Hats are shipped within 2 business days, unless otherwise stated. As with all K.Moods products, they will come wrapped in tissue and shipped in plastic-free packaging.

Thank you for supporting an independent business with a zero-waste aim - you're ace!

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