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Stepped Chevron Mitts

Stepped Chevron Mitts

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Stepped Chevron, the latest and greatest from 'ZIG', offers up chunky, zig-zag vibes for keeping hands and fingers toasty warm. K.Moods' new fingerless gloves are made in Edinburgh from 100% wool, providing the perfect blend of snugness and flexibility for every cold-weather occasion.

100% Wool
Statement K.Moods Stepped Chevron Pattern
Hand wash only, or for extra longevity, spot clean

Please note the thumb will be super snug for the first few wears, but will soften up over time.

Approximately 21cm long, 20cm circumference

Stepped Chevron Fingerless Gloves are made to order and can take up to 2 weeks from purchase before despatch - thanks for supporting a zero-waste ethos!
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