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Stepped Chevron Scrunchie

Stepped Chevron Scrunchie

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Tired of the same hairstyle? Get wild with a K.Moods Scrunchie! These cozy, zero-waste knits are gentle on your mane and fab for a bright splash of color. Each scrunchie is crafted with leftover yarn, making each one unique and imperfections encouraged. Give your locks a time-traveling hair upgrade with these strong 9-inch scrunchies that'll hold even thick hair. Go ahead, grab yourself one and score another for that special someone - they'll love it!

These are available in a variety of colours and accents: red, blue, lime, yellow, pink, and orange.

100% Wool, with elastic inner.
Made in Edinburgh.
Statement K.Moods Stepped Chevron Pattern.
Hand wash only, or for extra longevity, spot clean.

Scrunchies are shipped within two business days, unless otherwise stated. As with all K.Moods products, they will come wrapped in tissue and shipped in reusable packaging.

Thank you for supporting an independent business with a zero-waste aim - you're ace!
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